The hard days

It’s the hard days.

The days you wish you could give up and never get back up. It’s the days where you wish the earth would swallow you while and relieve you of your pain. It’s the days that test your patience and your soul. It’s the days that trigger every negative thought and behavioral pattern. It’s in these hard days that we feel our trauma and past experiences bubble to the surface. It’s these days that feel endless. In these days, nothing is comforting nor seems helpful to alleviate you from this pain.

In another context, it’s also these days where we learn (or try to learn) about our strengths. It’s where we acknowledge how many negative emotions and sadness lives beneath the surface. It’s in these days that life smacks you over the back of the head and makes you face everything you have tried so desperately to hide and push down.

These days are common for most and trying and painful for the people who have experienced any form of trauma in their lives. No matter the severity, we know the feeling all too well.

I am having one of these days.

I have felt every doubt and emotion under the sun today, feelings of helplessness and sadness.

I however, am choosing to blog about it and get it out instead of bottling it up and pretending it’s “just a bad day”. I am taking note of my feelings and acknowledging that they are there. But not giving them power. They can be there and eventually over some time and self love- they will dissipate.

Love and light to all who are facing challenging times and learning how to cope.


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