A word can change your life…

People take reading for granted. It is the most inspiring and mind-growing (weird word I know ;)) tool one can use. I use to be one of those that said “I don’t have the energy or time for reading, I read all day every day”. At the time- being a law student and candidate attorney- I read textbooks and case-files all day so the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day was read yet again.

I have just recently- 8 months ago- discovered the calming and powerful effects reading can have. In the beginning, my reading was slow and laboured however, after a month or so, it became effortless. I can honestly and surprisingly say that I am officially a book worm… haha… it might not be continuous- as I have cases to attend to- but I will definitely try my utmost best to read as often as I can.

The link below with book suggestions is for individuals wanting to expand their mind and awareness however, just reading in itself is the most amazing relaxation tool I now use and beneficial to anyone whom needs a bit of a rest from their minds and hectic lives.

Keep safe and healthy

Love and light

Andi xxx

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