Life isn’t always rainbows and fairytales…

People always assume life is meant to be good all the time and if it is not, then something is wrong with either themselves or their lives. The reality is that we HAVE to have bad days. If we didn’t we truly would never appreciate the good ones. Life is naturally balanced between good and bad, yin and yang. This is the balance of life. However, in this life we live in where everything is tailor-made to show you the “perfect” life. The marketing and consumerism that consumes us all into believing we need more to ‘be’ more. What a load of shit! We have all been brainwashed through a multitude of platforms enticing us to purchase more goods or have a certain social status. It is a load of nonsense that causes most of the population to believe they are not living up to the standards of the people they follow or the accounts they aspire to bring about into their lives.

I, for one, am tired of the useless ploys to try entice me to ‘be more’ or ‘feel more happy’. Hence, my endeavours to enlighten myself through self-exploration and awaken to my happiest and highest good. More people would benefit from merely accepting and believing they are good enough and that happiness is the ONLY measure needed for a goof life. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to earn a living but, it could help in simply taking a burden off your back by living every moment (even the shitty ones) to the fullest.

Be angry, be sad, be disappointed, but make sure you keep in mind that ‘this too shall pass’ and that happy moments are around the corner.

Think of your emotions- good/bad- as a turbine that’s fuels your inner soul and purpose. Every time you are happy, let the turbine turn extra fast to push and inspire you. When you are sad/angry, use this turbine to get the work done and push to change your life. When you are angry, you have an opportunity to grow and adapt in such a way that your cannot possibly do when you are in an elated state.

So the next time you find yourself saying “I cannot do this”; “my life is useless”; “what am I even doing in my life?”; “how am I ever going to get through this?”- just breathe first of all- and then use whatever emotions you are feeling to fuel your inner turbine and take a first step towards doing something a little differently.

Small steps at a time.

Be gentle on yourself.

This too shall pass 🙂

Love and light.

Andi xxx

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