What do we know about anything?

So what we do know about our world as it is or was before Covid 19?

What we do know- well majority of us- is that we have been on a spinning wheel most of our lives. Merely working to make ends meet and protecting ourselves from outside threats. I have grown up and live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Every day is fast-paced. We all live on the edge, looking out for threats and danger wherever we go. We spend the days working ourselves to the bone just to make ends-meet. Every day is a new challenge. Despite all of the tragedies and stress however, our country is simply the happiest I know of.

One of the similarities I have noticed worldwide is that we all seem to be searching for more in our lives and that the current system that we have been ingrained to follow- from generation to generation- is slowly being broken down. This has been occuring for many years across the younger generations. The younger generations- myself included- have felt the need to sway away from the normalcies of the generations that preceded us. Our new generation has come across as being entitled and lazy and in some respects and cases, I have seen this to be true. However, looking further into these generations, what I have noticed is that the way of life that our parents have been exposed to, is just not ‘working’ for these younger individuals that are coming into the work force today.

The current pandemic Covid 19 is awful and cruel to most that are vulnerable and even those that are not. In amongst this pandemic however, I have seen a rise in the new-normal that is ‘working from home’. Although this disease is cruel, it has opened many peoples’ eyes with regards to a work-life balance. Most are realising that their personal lives and relationships are either stronger or weaker. Although I cannot speak for those that are struggling in their home lives and those that have been laid-off from their workplaces, I can admit that in my own relationships with my husband and children, things have changed drastically.

Both my husband and I have realised that we really didn’t know who our children were. We learnt how much potential they have and through home-schooling them for the past few months, I have learnt a great deal of patience. I have learnt to be kind to myself and that of my husband. The most important people in my life were made clear to me during this period.

Unfortunately, not all people experienced these opportunities. Many in abused families and isolated alone in their homes came to the forefront. Countless other atrocities came to the forefront.

On this day, the 2nd July 2020, our government just announced children will not be allowed to return to school (as had been prepared) till further notice. We are also aware and have been informed that the spike of the disease is only just beginning.

So where to from here??

What do we know about anything at this moment in time?

I have no idea.

We are all winging-it and trying our best to get through safely and healthy.

Our reality and way of life is being drastically transformed and hopefully, in the long run, we can be free of the old heavy pains of the past and shift into a new era of freedom and balance in our lives.

All we can do is to hope and pray for all those out there that are going through the worst of this pandemic.

The reality is that we are all in this together and can only get through it together- through kindness and love.

Love and light to everyone and stay safe.



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